White Shark

Licensed Producer: Redecan LP
Cost:  $6.00 Per Gram
Market: Purchased through Medical
Package Date: September 15th 2020
Cannabinoids: 18% THC
Terpenes: 2.32%

So I have to admit I was wrong, Redecan is great.

About a year ago I moved one of my prescriptions to Redecan to try them out. The price was right and they had decent reviews online.

I bought several products from them and while they were not bad, they also were nothing special.
The flower was better than average and priced very competitively, but it couldn’t compare to the flower from Whistler Medical.
Their Reign oil just tasted metallic and awful and didn’t feel it was as effective as the Cannafarms oil which contained 1/3rd of the CBD.

I wrote Redecan off as “Nice products on a budget, but can’t compare with the premium offerings of others”.

Recently I decided to try Redecan out again, as one of my LPs (Boaz) was expensive and hadn’t added anything new in months.

There was a bit of controversy surrounding Redecan recently as their listed terpene percentages are sky high, something didn’t add up and Redecan wouldn’t release the official test results.

Will admit I still don’t like that and some of their strains terpene percentages don’t make any sense (CCK at 5.5%.. It’s my next review).
But decided to give them another shot as I wanted some cheap strains.

White Shark is an incredible strain, this smelled amazing and the 17% THC is misleading, one of the best highs I’ve had in a while.


Packaging – 7.1/10

Came in a standard plastic jar with no humidity pack, it was packaged earlier this month so still very fresh.

Smell 9.4/10

Crack the jar, and remove the seal and you instantly get a very fresh citrus / pine / lemongrass scent.
Very pleasant smelling and 2.3% terpene value is completely believable.

Taste 9.6/10

I used the Arizer Q Tower at 175 degrees.
Usually after 2-3 bags on the vape tower most cannabis becomes harsh and less enjoyable.
Had 4 bags of this and only stopped because I was incredibly stoned.

Flower 8.8/10

Dense medium sized nugs, there is a bit of squish to them and the moisture content is on point, sticks to your finger when you push.
Lots of trichomes coating the flowers, the flowers aren’t enormous but they also aren’t popcorn buds.

Effect 9.5/10

White Shark is a Sativa which I don’t recall ever having tried in the past.
This is a strain where you can’t judge it by the THC content as this hit me much harder than a 17% strain usually would.
In terms of pain relief it worked very well, gave me a few solid hours of relief and a good nights rest.

After vaping 4 bags of this I was very high and happy, it was an immediate euphoric cerebral buzz, as it kicked in I found myself become more focused and relaxed.

This is perfect for someone looking for a day time sativa, but also great if you want something with high myrcene (most prominent terpene in here) to help with pain relief.

Price 9.3/10

How can you complain about $6 a gram for this quality, Redecan has won me over.

Overall 8.95/10

Redecan have grown a great strain here, this is a great sativa and the price to quality ratio is probably better than what you’d get on the black market.

Expect more Redecan reviews from me.

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