Pink Kush

Licensed Producer: Top Leaf
Cost:  $11.89 Per Gram
Market: Purchased through Recreation at SQDC
Package Date: May 20th 2020
Cannabinoids: 24% THC
Terpenes: N/A

Top Leaf was added to the SQDC store earlier this year and had received some mixed reviews on /r/sqdc, I decided to try for myself. It was a mistake.
This was purchased in June, but didn’t really enjoy it so left it sitting in the jar. The packaging date was reasonably fresh, I’m just lagged in reviewing it.

Pink Kush is a staple strain here in Canada with nearly every legal licensed producer (and black market for that matter) doing their own take on it.

The jar contained mostly uninspiring popcorn sized buds, muted smell and aside from the jar itself there was nothing else to justify the cost.


Packaging – 9.5/10

Came in a nicely sized glass jar, with an integra 55 pack contained inside, honestly this is the only thing I can say is really positive about Top Leaf, but nobody in Canada is paying nearly $12 per gram for a glass jar and integra pack.

Smell 6.0/10

Very faint smelling, I detect a floral scent but nothing stands out.
At least it doesn’t smell like wood chips and hay like some other garbage being sold at SQDC.

Taste 5.5/10

I used the Arizer Q Tower at 175 degrees.
It isn’t harsh, I’ll say that much but there really isn’t any kind of distinguishing flavour here, I wish I could provide a more descriptive flavour profile but it’s so bland.

Flower 6.3/10

Everything was popcorn to small/medium sized buds, they are dense compact buds which are quite firm, no stickiness to the touch and while you can see the trichomes it’s certainly nothing impressive.

Effect 7.6/10

Pink Kush is an indica through and through, and this has a decent THC%.
It does have a decent punch after you vape it and got me nicely toasted, I’ve vaped this probably 5 or 6 times now, and generally it leaves me feeling happy and relaxed.
It’s never floored me but has always left me suitably stoned.

Price 3.5/10

This is completely unjustifiably high priced, below average cannabis is partially the reason why people just go back to the black market.

If you want to charge nearly $12 per gram, you better make damn sure you’re giving an outstanding product, i.e. Black Cherry Punch

Overall 6.4/10

The rating for this is only higher because I take into account packaging, and they did a great job of that.

Without their excellent packaging this is a solid 5/10, it has a higher THC %, but that doesn’t really translate into an amazing high.

Even at SQDC there is much better product for cheaper, namely TGOD and 7acres.
Broken Coast is about the same price as this and much closer to being the quality you expect for that price (Broken Coast is still overpriced in my opinion).
When you take into account medical LPs who charge between $10-12 per gram for *far* better weed (see JC Green or Shelter) this pricing is absurd.

Would I buy this again, or recommend someone else to buy it? fuck no, you can’t polish a turd even with great packaging.

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