Little Victory Black Cherry

Licensed Producer: HEXO
Cost:  $6.00 per 355ml bottle
Market: Purchased through Rec at SQDC
Cannabinoids: 2.5mg THC & 2.5mg CBD
Calories: 35
Sugar: 6grams

HEXO and Molson combined to create a Cannabis beverage company called Truss Beverages, it appears most Cannabis LPs are betting big on the future of Cannabis beverages and edibles to make their money.

The first impression of Cannabis beverages is that they are overpriced for their Cannabis content.

Where I can see these drinks working is potentially one day we are able to have cannabis bars that are allowed to serve drinks/edibles. (can’t see smoking being socially acceptable).
These drinks would probably work in a similar fashion to drinking a beer, 2.5mg of THC isn’t going to give you much of a buzz, but 4 or 5 of these in a bar will get most people high.


After cracking the lid off and pouring into a glass, I took a whiff and there is a pleasant black cherry smell that you’d expect from any black cherry drink.

The calories are low so it’s not going to hurt anyone on a diet too much by having one of these, some of the other beverage options on the market are quite high in sugar.

If I had to best describe the drink, it basically tastes like a black cherry flavoured sparkling water similar to Perrier or other brands that have various flavours of carbonated water.

The taste of the black cherry is there but very light.

I did not expect this drink to do anything for me as I am a regular cannabis user, I didn’t feel any kind of buzz from it as expected.

Would I buy this again? probably not.

If I was in a social setting of a bar and could drink 5 or 6 of these through the course of a night with food instead of drinking beers or other alcoholic beverages, yes I definitely would choose these over alcohol.

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