Death Bubba

Licensed Producer: Shelter Market
Cost:  $9.21 Per Gram
Market: Purchased through Medical
Package Date: N/A
Cannabinoids: 21% THC
Terpenes: 0.6% (TBC)

Wildlife Cannabis is positioned as a mid tier Cannabis company, I believe they are owned by Shelter Market, however Shelter is the only medical LP selling their product.

We’re doing a cannabis review for their D-Bubba product.

In the past I had tried their Ultra Sour and it was a nice strain at 25%, nothing amazing but good value.

As you can blatantly see in the photos, the trim job is atrocious on this.
I’m not the only one who got poorly trimmed flowers, every review I’ve read on this strain has said the same thing.

There was conflicting information on the terpene percentages of this, however it was quite low.
One can only assume it’s been irradiated.


Packaging – 6.5/10

Standard mylar style zip lock bag with no humidity packs, I don’t have the actual package date as I bought this a couple months back, at the time it was very fresh.
For this tier of Cannabis, especially when you’re getting a fresh product I have no problem with a mylar bag, obviously it’s not great for keeping it longer term but I don’t expect mid/low tier Cannabis to come in a glass jar.

Smell 4.2/10

There isn’t a strong smell of anything familiar, just faintly of grass / hay.

Taste 5.4/10

I used the Arizer Q Tower at 175 degrees.
Surprisingly not that harsh, but there isn’t any distinct taste.

Flower 5.8/10

Reasonably large flowers, the ones in the photograph are the smaller buds as I had already vaped all the large ones.
No popcorn buds.
Based on the look alone 5.8 is a high score, because these are trimmed badly and not much in the way of trichomes.
However when I received this it was real sticky, kept getting my grinder bound up.
So clearly there were some resinous trichomes under the surface.

Effect 7.4/10

Everything else suggests this is complete trash, but I have to say in all fairness the effects are better than I expected.
Shortly after vaping I found myself relaxing with some introspection, as this progressed I began dozing off into a deep slumber.

Medically it helped soothe joint pains and left me as relaxed as one can be.

This is a definite night time strain due to the above mentioned properties.

Price 6.3/10

Standard pricing is $9.21 a gram when purchasing 3.5g, this becomes lower in the higher quantities (I don’t have the pricing off hand as Shelter only has 3.5 g bags of it in stock currently).

For the quality this is on the expensive side when you compare a vastly superior product in JC Green Black Indica which costs $9.50 per gram.

Overall 5.9/10

Wildlife missed the mark on this strain, their other strains have generally received a mostly positive reaction.
While the high was overall nice with their DBubba, it’s not worth $9.21 per gram when there is better options in that price range around.

Sadly it’s just not enjoying to vape, and doesn’t give a unique enough high to make up for the glaring inadequacies .

Would not recommend this strain based on the above.

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