Cherry Bomb

Licensed Producer: JC Green
Cost:  $9.50 Per Gram
Market: Purchased through Medical
Package Date: July 14th 2020
Cannabinoids: 21% THC
Terpenes: N/A

We’re doing another Cannabis brand review on JC Green, this time with their Cherry Bomb Strain.

Measured it out at 5.04 grams

The jar has a nice bag appeal of medium buds and a tart scent emanating after opening.


Packaging – 7.1/10

Came in a standard plastic jar with no humidity pack.

Smell 8.7/10

While the smell of Cherry Bomb was not as prominent as when I opened the Black Indica or Crown jars, there is a sweet tart/fruity and earth aroma from the jar.
I suspect the terpene percentage of Cherry Bomb is a bit lower than the other two, however it still smells great.
Cracking the buds open in the grinder really brought out an undercut with more intense berry smell.

Taste 9.2/10

I used the Arizer Q Tower at 175 degrees.
Really enjoyed the taste while vaping this, it produced a very smooth, sweet tasting vapour.
One of my favourites honestly because it’s so smooth and tastes quite nice.

Flower 8.9/10

Dense medium sized flowers with a lighter green color throughout, an ample layering of trichomes, when looking closely it almost looks ‘furry’.
Nicely trimmed without a sugar leaf or stem to be seen.
The buds I received were mostly medium sized ones 1-2g each with a few smaller ones to make the 5g up.

Effect 8.8/10

This is a sativa according to JC Green, I’ve seen other sites list as a Hybrid and some as an indica.
My personal experience with JC Greens Cherry Bomb is definitely sativa leaning.

After vaping the effect was immediate, mental alertness and creativity flooded my mind.

Used it to help complete some tasks that needed “outside the box” thinking and have found it’s been fantastic as a mental stimulant.

Medicinally it’s also shown to be versatile, usually Sativas haven’t been great at pain relief for me, but Cherry Bomb is one of the few that I’ve found can help with mental stimulation and pain.

Price 8.4/10

Standard pricing is $9.50 per gram, which is pretty damn good when you compare other legal offerings of this quality (and sometimes much worse) are charging $12-14 per gram.
If you qualify for compassionate pricing which comes in at $6.50 a gram this is an absolute bargain for the quality you get.

Overall 8.5/10

Wonderful Sativa strain that I’m sure can help someone needing a burst of creativity or some motivation to do less interesting tasks or chores.

I’m not a day time user normally.
However for someone who wants a strain to use during the day which won’t make them sleepy, this is highly recommended.

If you’re like me and use only at night, it works well too.
Can easily sit down and really focus on a movie, tv show or creative project.

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