Black Indica

Licensed Producer: JC Green
Cost:  $9.50 Per Gram
Market: Purchased through Medical
Package Date: August 12th 2020
Cannabinoids: 18% THC
Terpenes: 1.9%

JC Green’s newest strain is this medium strength, citrus smelling humdinger.

Measured it out at 5 grams on the dot.

The jar consisted of various sized buds nicely cured and trummed with excellent bag appeal and a potent smell as soon as you crack the lid.


Packaging – 7.1/10

Came in a standard plastic jar with no humidity pack, it was packaged earlier this month so still very fresh.

Smell 9.3/10

Very potent smelling citrus immediately upon opening, personally I love the strains with a strong lemon scent and this flower reminds me a lot of nicely grown Jack Herer I previously used to purchase.

Taste 9.1/10

I used the Arizer Q Tower at 175 degrees.
No harshness at all, Black Indica has an uncomplicated taste profile, it’s lemon.
But seriously this is a great smelling and tasting strain if you enjoy citrus.

Flower 8.6/10

Fluffy medium sized flowers and dark green colors throughout, obviously these have been handled properly with a great cure and trim, smothered in trichomes and sticky to the touch.
The buds I received were mostly sized 1-2g each with a few smaller ones to make the 5g up.

Effect 8.8/10

The name says it, but this really is an indica. And don’t let the 18% THC fool you as it will hit harder than a batch of 18% you may find on the shelf from other producers.

After vaping about 0.5g A cerebral effect kicked in quickly, shortly afterward I experienced physical relaxation, as is a characteristic of heavier indicas.

I’d been moving heavy objects up and down several flights of stairs which had been giving me knee and back pain, Black Indica cured those ailments up real quickly.

Price 8.4/10

Standard pricing is $9.50 per gram, which is pretty damn good when you compare other legal offerings of this quality (and sometimes much worse) are charging $12-14 per gram.
If you qualify for compassionate pricing which comes in at $6.50 a gram this is an absolute bargain for the quality you get.

Overall 8.5/10

Another great offering from JC Green.
If you’re on the fence about switching, do yourself a favour because they have something for everyone and it’s all great.

A lower percentage but more of a heavy indica feeling than their other offering I tried, Crown.
This is a lay down watch a movie, laugh your ass off and then go to bed strain.

I’ll go out on a limb and say this is a top 3 legal strain for medium percentage THC (12-18%), the other contender I can think of is BC Creek Congo from Simply Bare.

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