Black Cherry Punch by North 40

Licensed Producer: North 40 (Sold through Shelter Market)
Cost:  $10.00-12.86 Per Gram
Market: Purchased through Medical
Package Date: Forgot to keep the date noted
Cannabinoids: 27% THC
Terpenes: 3.5%

Black Cherry Punch from North 40 was a strain that people were anticipating for a few weeks after they had posted some photos and a certificate of analysis showing 27% THC and 3.5% terpenes to go along with gorgeous flowers.

Bought two bags of 3.5g (7g sold out quick) and I received 7.09g total.

North 40 have received recognition for some of their other strains, most notably their Blue Cheese, however their Black Cherry Punch has been grown exquisitely, while not having the most enormous flowers they are nicely sized, covered in trichomes and sticky.

They’ve produced another hit with this strain.


Packaging – 6.5/10

Standard mylar style zip lock bag with no humidity packs, however to be fair this is freshly packaged and sold, you won’t get a 6 month old zip lock with stale product. So I have no problem with the zip lock.

Smell 9.2/10

Usually I find some of these strain names highly pretentious, especially when it’s named after a fruit and barely has any terpenes to resemble said fruit.
However in the case of Black Cherry Punch there is a distinct sweet, fruity smell. And it’s strong, most of North 40s competitors struggle to get above 2% terpenes, and the standard fare legal cannabis is rarely above 1%.
So these are impressive numbers.

Taste 9.1/10

I used the Arizer Q Tower at 175 degrees.
This is a very smooth flower to vape, it had a consistent sweet taste and left a fruity exhale.

Flower 8.9/10

The flower themselves are dense and covered in trichomes, with a deep purple and green color throughout. Very sticky to the touch.
The only minor negative is they are not on the large side, but I can’t be too harsh on them, I’d prefer medium sized buds with 27% THC and 3.5% terpenes as opposed to a 5g bud with less potency and flavour.

Effect 8.5/10

This is an indica and it definitely feels that way, each time I’ve vaped this it’s placed me into a highly relaxed state.
Was very effective at pain relief.
Loses a few marks because I find it gives really dry eyes and mouth.

Price 5.0/10

This is expensive. I won’t compare to black market prices as it is not fair. But it is still high priced for legal weed, strains with THC at 27% and 3.5 terpenes are not yet common in the legal market so you should expect to pay a premium but hopefully cannabis of this quality becomes more aggressively priced in the future.

Overall 7.8/10

Probably not something you’d want to smoke in the middle of the day unless you have nothing to do, or regularly due to being cost prohibitive.
The bag appeal, smell and taste are really some of the best I’ve seen on the legal market.

If your goal is to relieve stress, pain, relax or sleep then this is the strain for you, it’s outstanding at doing the above.
For watching movies, playing games or doing anything creative, forget about it because you’ll be useless.

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